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by Owen Thomson

March 24, 2024

If you don’t know who we are, we’re Simily. We're on a mission to delete swipe-based dating apps like Tinder and Hinge once and for all by f ocusing on genuine connections and in-person dates through our matchmaking style-dating app for university students. 4/5 users abandon dating apps due to burnout from swiping through countless profiles in search of meaningful connections. Spending an hour daily with mere seconds devoted to each profile leads to loneliness and dissatisfaction according to research, and we think it’s time for a change.

It was a tough academic term for everyone at Durham University where we’ve been doing out initial beta test of Simily. We got over 100 users sign up which was well over our expectations! That meant that we weren’t able to match everyone (We had coursework too) but we’ve taken all the great feedback we’ve got and we’re ready to really scale up matching next term!

So, what happened

- We matched up a number of great pairs who managed to go out on second dates.

- We had meetings with so many of our great users, who gave us great feedback for a free coffee

- 80% of users had a good time on their dates

We’ve went back to work, tweaking and tinkering based on all the feedback we got.

- We’ve got improved matching quality

- Better interaction with Simila so we can get you even better matches

- Systems for more consist, regular matches until you find your perfect match

Look out for us next term! 👋

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