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Simily: a new way to match

by Simily Team

October 13, 2023

Have you ever felt stuck on a dating app, like you’ve been swiping for ages without gaining a sense of who you like or who likes you? Have you ever been browsing through profiles and stumbled across a friend, family member, boss, or even an ex-partner? Have you ever come across a profile and thought that the person looked nice, but that their bio just had too much or too little information?

Did you know that more than 336 million people use some form of dating app, and this number is just going to grow and grow. Really, there’s been no better time to get into online dating than now – pretty much everyone is doing it.

Through using dating apps ourselves, we found that we were noticing ongoing issues in how we interacted with the app and, even more worrying, how the apps interacted with us. If you’ve used dating apps, then maybe you’ve felt what we have:

Swiping fatigue

Sometimes it feels like you’ve just been on a dating app for ages, scrolling through profiles until they run out. When the process becomes addictive and repetitive, it’s hard to say what makes us like one profile and not like another.


If you just keep swiping, you’re bound to go through almost all the singles in your area! Using popular apps like Tinder, Bumble or Hinge, we regularly came across people we knew (friends, family, peers, teachers) which also means they would come across our own profiles. You might think twice about the pictures on your profile – even if they show your best side – if a family member or boss can get a glimpse of it.


Hey, it’s just hard to put yourself out there. Creating a profile which curates all your best features while being honest is difficult and doesn’t always do the job. You want to be attractive, but you also want to match with people who share your interests and appreciate your uniqueness. How do you fit that into a profile? How do you be expressive without ‘oversharing’ or seeming ‘too enthusiastic’?

It’s pretty clear: modern dating is rough.

This is why we created Simily, the app which reimagines the online dating experience as a personal one, giving you the space to be open and authentic while improving your chances of finding love.

We believe dating should be an experience tailored to the user, shining a light on their brilliant qualities, and finding people who will appreciate them. It’s about taking a chance on love, not finding love through chance. It’s about values, objectives, desires, similarities. And more than anything, it’s about fun.

So how does it work? Well, Simily changes the game in two very simple ways:

First up, no more swiping or browsing. We’ve removed public profiles altogether! Instead, you create a ‘Persona’, a large profile containing as much or as little information as you want, all about you. Your Persona is an opportunity for you to explore the types of drives, hobbies, and values that make you unique. The best part? Your Persona is kept totally private for you to use, edit, or remove altogether if you want. Everything in your Persona will be used to find your best match, but you have full control over what they see when your profile comes up. Really, they’ll just see a few lines of text which we’ve picked out to showcase why you two are a perfect fit.

Second, we let you search for your ideal person. Your Persona tells us about you, and means we can find people with similar goals, hobbies, values, but we know similarities aren’t everything.

Many people have a clear idea of what they want in a partner: “A Chelsea fan who likes reading fantasy novels, they can cook and love to go hiking.”

Some people a partner they can learn from: “A skateboarder who speaks three languages and knows about marine biology.”

Or, some people might have no idea: “Someone with different experiences to me, who will help me learn more about myself and the world.”

The beauty of searching means the matching process grows with you, as your tastes and ideals change, you can change who you look for every single day. You can find someone similar to you, you can look for someone totally different. Simily revolutionises the dating experience by emphasising authenticity and openness while keeping everyone safe and secure, letting you find your perfect match without putting yourself out there for everyone to see.

No more guessing, no more anxiety over appearances: every Simily match or suggestion is generated through similarities in hobbies, values, desires, goals. Chance and superficiality are a thing of the past.

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